Planked Potatoes w/Tri Tip Steak
Tri Tip w/Planked Potatoes

What a great combination, a wonderful choice beef tri tip steak with some tasty planked Yukon potatoes.   As I normally do I marinated the tri tip with a little Worcestershire sauce about an hour before heading to the grill.  The potatoes were sliced skin on and doused with olive oil and then added some minced garlic, fresh oregano and chives.

This is a great way to cook potatoes on your grill and not be stuck wrapping them in foil.  You can never see what condition the potatoes are in during the process.  When you use a plank for them they are visible all the time.  It is a snap to get them crispy on the edges and tender crisp in the center.  If the potatoes look like they are getting done faster than the steak then just move the plank to the side of the grill to a cooler spot to idle a bit.  You just can not beat the simplicity and delicious flavors.  For small portions  like a individual side of potatoes like this I use a smaller size Single Serving Plank and do not use full size ones unless I need to make several servings.