Yup, you saw it right.  You do not have to purchase expensive oven roasting planks to create your favorite grilling plank recipe right in your home oven.  Any unused grilling plank will fit the task just fine.

  1. To prepare the plank for oven use soak it just as you would for use on the grill.
  2. Depending on the wood usually 1-3 hrs works just fine.
  3. Set the oven for about 350-400d/
  4. Heat the plank in the hot oven just as you have done on the grill.
  5. Place a cookie sheet on the lower rack to catch any run off of juices from the foods on the plank.
  6. Spray or spread some olive oil on the smooth or cooking side of the plank.
  7. Add your food to the plank and replace the food topped plank in the oven on the middle rack over the cookie sheet.
  8. Cook till your food is done to the right temperature.

Plank Cooking In Your Home Oven

After you food has cooked, the plank may very well be used again.  Even thinner grilling planks can be reused until they have formed cracks that food can not be cleaned out of.  Planks used in the oven infuse a light aroma of the wood into the food similar to using them on the grill.  Planks used in the oven do not smoke as they do on the grill because of the lower cooking temperatures but still manage to create a wonderful new flavor indoors.  The hot wet wood allows the aroma of the plank to transfer directly from the plank to your food.  On larger entree’s like whole chickens it would be helpful to wrap foil over the chicken and tuck in in under the sides of the plank.  This will concentrate the aroma coming from the plank around the food.  Most of the recipes you have used on your outdoor grill can be adapted for oven planking.

  Be sure to wash the food particles from the plank and allow to air dry on the counter before storing for its next use. 

Please never leave your oven unattended while plank cooking in the oven or grill!!

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For many of us in the Winter cold weather parts of the Country we need to rely on what ever we can to remember the warm days ahead and plank cooking on the grill.  Can’t wait!!!

Thank you for your interest in plank cooking indoor or out.

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