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Recipe Contest Winners

Plank Cooking Recipe Video Winners

Recently I had the pleasure of participating in two recipe video contests on YouTube.  The Grilling Plank SuperStore provided the prizes for the winners of the plank cooking categories.  I had a ball watching the talent and creativity from all the participants.  All entries were winners and I appreciated all of their efforts.  Here are links to the final results—

Allen from BBQ4Smoke YouTube channel hosted a pure plank cooking recipe contest.  Allen judged 3 great folks as winners.  TangoSpiceCompany Planked Twinkies,  255sage Cedar Planked Pizza and SmokeyGoodness Plank Road Pepper Shell Fire Omelets were the top winners and they really were.  Click the links and check them out for yourself.

Greg from Ballistic BBQ had a multi category grilling recipe video contest with plank cooking included.  Patrick from dorf68 was the winner here with his video of a very unique Cedar Planked Salmon.  Greg had many entries in both grilling and plank cooking categories.  Take  look you too will be impressed with these truly one of a kind creative offerings.

Prizes have all be shipped and received, already these great folks are creating even more plank cooking videos and delicious meals.

Congrats to all participants.  You all are winners in my book.  Thank you.

Your comments are welcome, we all would be interested in your opinion.

Larry Hinzman

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